Monday, March 19, 2012

A new start

Hello friends.  I have been unbelivable busy since Christmas.  I can hardly believe that we are nearing the end of March.  I have been making lots of changes. 
  • Started a new job (yippee)
  • Broke my toe
  • Started a scrapbook for a fee
  • Watched the Bachelor
I am lost touch with so many people but as I lose touch with some I am increasing my circle with some close and new friends.  Work is super busy and I am enjoying myself immensely. Each day is a gift and I plan to take my time opening each one.

I am going to be publishing some of the pages thqt I have created for Zach, who is graduating form the AFA this May.  I am doing this project for a friend of my sister-in-law.  It has been great fun as you will see from the pictures I begin to post. 

I was not happy with the first round of pictures I took so I am working on doing them over.  Watch for the layouts coming.

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