Wednesday, April 27, 2011

True Happiness

Tonight I went to visit a friend of mine and we got into a discussion about digruntled people. Have you ever known anyone who is just not happy no matter the circumstances?  It can be the brightest most beautiful day that God has created and the disgruntled person will alway find something negative on which to focus.  We all know someone like this.  I drove home thinking about all we had talked about and I began to look around and I noticed the beautiful flox blooming along side the colorful tulips. The sun was peaking through the sky for just a minute and it shown on the grass and made the trimmed lawns looks so clean and beautilful.  I began to ponder what on earth is there to be unhappy about.  God does not always give us what we want but we are most always provided what we need.  We all have a choice to make and I choose to be happy.  I hope all of you do too.

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