Friday, April 15, 2011

Stamps and Versatility

If you are a lover of stamps like me you usually have a so many that sometimes storage becomes a problem.  But have you ever been working on a project and wanted a certain type of image only to find that the image in your head really exists on more than one stamp.  The flower on the one of your stamps it too big and the stems on another is connected to a flower that you just do not want to use.  In these cases a couple of options exist to help you achieve your goal.
  • Masking is a great way to combine more than one image onto the page creating a whole new look.  When masking first stamp the main image or the image that will appear whole.  Stamp the same image on another piece of paper and cut it out.  Place the cut out image down over the image that you are masking. Using a second stamp stamp over the first masked image connecting the portion of the stamp to the mask.  Remove the mask to reveal the whole new image.
  • Inking - The second way to achieve a combined stamped image is to use the finger sponge dabbers and apply ink only to the portion of the stamp that is being used.  The finger sponge dabbers are a great tool to have in order to accomplish this technique.  The small size of the dabbers allows you to control the ink easier.
Try these tecniques in your stamping.  These will help you to get more out of your images and thus more for your money. 

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