Friday, February 25, 2011

Blogging is Super Sensational

Super Sensational sounds redundant and I guess it is but who cares.  I have discovered the fun side of blogging.  Not just do I get to send my thoughts out into the vast array of the internet but I also get to visit and recieve updates from lots of other blogs in my area of interst.  The fun part is that the blog does the work for me.(I know for all you seasoned bloggers that this is nothing new to you but for me it was a huge revelation).  For every blog that I mark as 'Follow' I receive a stream of their latest posts onto my blog's dashboard.  This is tons better than keeping the website in my favorites because the latest articles are automatically streamed to me.  I can read the first few lines of the latest post and then decide if I want to know more.  If I do, I just click on the link and I am routed right to the cool blog.  It is super super easy. 

Here is a link to a blog that I have added to my followed blogs. It was  created for our CTMH team under Michell Nist. This blog will have lots of posts using the latest and greatest products from CTMH so I can get lots of clever new ideas from our team members. By the same token if I come up with some great project I can send that in to be posted as well.

In my opinion:  Bogging is Super Sensational.


Charlotte-AKA suepup said...

Yippie you have a blog up and running! Now it is easy to keep up with your gatherings and new products!

Joni Koch said...

You bet it will be. I now have added a second page that will document my classes and gatherings.

Charlotte-AKA suepup said...


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